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The Goal

A new limited-run, license plate that supports our mission to use soccer to help Chattanooga be a more whole, healthy, right, and beautiful community.

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Only $35


Reserve today for $35, you will be notified when your plate is ready for pick-up at your local Clerk’s office in 2023.



May 2022

Plate approved by State Legislature, Signed by Governor Lee

October 2022

Launch: Accepting 1,000 Pre-Orders for CFC plate.

Early 2023

Testing and Production

Summer 2023

License Plates Arrive at Your Local County Clerk’s Offices for Pickup

Reserve Now

Only $35

The Pitch

  • Designed and Manufactured in Tennessee
  • Designed by Widgets & Stone
  • High-Grade Aluminum
  • Limited Edition 1,000 Plate Run
  • Minimal Design
  • Support the Community

About The Chattanooga FC Foundation

We are a non-profit organization designed to engage and empower members of our Chattanooga community through the game of soccer.

The CFC Foundation is made up of two main programs: Chattanooga Sports Ministries and Operation Get Active, and two places: Highland Park Commons and Montague Park. Through our programs and places we seek to care for the under-served in our community by providing access to safe places to play and build community, structured physical activity, mentorship and leadership development.

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